Your identification

The SWEATSAFE band and card are the key to your safety, identification and rescue in an emergency situation.

You receive a band (velcro or silicone) when you join.


SWEATSAFE original velcro band

  • one size - view
  • unique pin number displayed on inside of band
  • ER24 emergency number 084 124 clearly visible
  • ideal for wrist, ankle, sports bag, bicycling helmet, everyday bag or belt

SWEATSAFE concept silicone band

  • 3 sizes - view
  • unique pin number in yellow
  • ER24 emergency number 084 124 in black
  • comfort, durability and visibility very important factors
  • can be worn all the time - in the sea, running, swimming or canoeing
  • best for your wrist

SWEATSAFE member card

  • bright yellow
  • reflects your unique pin number together with other important information

be safe . live responsibly . wear red
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