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Should a SWEATSAFE member have an accidental medical emergency, three elements are present which will have a profound effect on the speed and quality of Medical Care received:

  • Identification of individual (equals customised treatment due to allergy, recent medical history, etc)
  • Medical aid/cover verifiable
  • Contacting of next-of-kin/family/friend or regular medical practitioner to assist with admission to hospital

Our silicone or velcro bands with their unique pin number are the key to identification and swift emergency care in the case of an accident. The red SWEATSAFE band is durable and highly visible. Wearing it on your person (wrist, ankle, belt, helmet) could save your life.

It is imperative that your band be worn at all times so that 
SWEATSAFE can work for you.
You also receive a 
SWEATSAFE membership card which displays your unique pin number together with ER24 contact details (realhelprealfast on 084 124)

Together with our brand partners ER24 and Guardrisk, we are committed to providing you with the best service possible.


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be safe . live responsibly . wear red
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