Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a brief overview of the ER24 benefits offered by SWEATSAFE?

ER24 Benefits

  • ER24 Identification Programme
    - SWEATSAFE silicone or velcro band and membership card with unique pin and emergency contact number  084 124
    - Confidential and secure personal and medical datafile
  • Medical Advice Line on 084 124
  • Emergency Hotline on 084 124
  • Free air/road ambulance/paramedic service – for all medically justified reasons
  • Compassionate Care benefits
  • No age limit for cover/benefits

Please provide me with a snapshot of the Accident Insurance benefit?

Hospital Expenses Policy by Constantia Insurance

  • Covers insured person up to amount specified (R50 000 or R100 000) per annum for hospital medical expenses incurred as a result of accidental injury
  • Excess (first amount) payable by member is R250 for each claim
  • Maximum entry age for cover is 65 years

In order to be covered for hospital medical expenses: 

  • One has to incur the medical expenses in a hospital. The policy pays all reasonable medical treatment expenses while in a hospital –including theatre, ward, pharmacy,  x-ray, pathology, physio etc. Repeat hospitalization is also covered, provided it is as a direct result of the initial accident, and it occurs within 12 months of this accident.These medical expenses must be the result of a bodily injury caused by an accident. Sporting injuries are covered, provided the Insured is not a professional; is a first-time injury (not a pre-existing condition); and the injury can be ascribed to a specific unexpected event/accident. 
  • Medical expenses incurred outside the hospital are not covered. 
  • Injuries caused by strains due to training or participation in sports would be excluded as these are natural health risks and not caused by an accident.Therefore,sports injuries for which there is no other outside contributing factors, other than pure body malfunction or lapse,would not be covered. 

 How do I go about claiming accident insurance benefits?

Once you have been discharged from hospital, contact us on or 0861 392 110 and we will forward you a claim form.
The claim form must be fully completed by all the relevant parties and forwarded to ourselves with supporting documentation.

When will my claim be paid?

On receipt of the requested documentation, we proceed to evaluate the claim and consult with all medical staff related to your Accidental Injury and subsequent hospital admission.
We aim to finalize the claim as expeditiously as possible provided there are no unnecessary complications in the processing of the claim.

Why do I receive a different pin number when I order a new band?

Our bands (velcro and silicone) are pre-made so that they can be dispatched immediately to new members when they join as well as to existing members who have lost their old band or would like a spare.
We will shortly be in a position to provide a new velcro band with the same unique pin number to existing members when they request a replacement. Mail us on to to find out more.
All new membership cards issued with your new band will contain your original pin number/s so should you still have your old band (velcro or silicone), then these can be worn interchangeably as all numbers will be linked to your confidential, secure personal and medical datafile.


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